Website Marketing

Marketing is where it counts... because you can get an awesome looking website, but if you do not market it, if you don't tell anyone about it.


Because the reality is, if you do not market your website you'll never get found in the search engines. You'll simply get lost in the shuffle of millions of websites out there.

With that said..  BBX 4U™has created 3 Marketing Plans that will get your business found online. You can also checkout all of the features and benefits included with our Marketing Solutions below. After which select the solution that is right for you!

Website Marketing Features & Benefits

  • Article Marketing

    BBX 4U™ uses the power of (SEO) Search Engine Optimized Press Releases and Articles to get your message out to the public!

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing is a key ingredient in any online marketing campaign, Because building a Social Sharing Community is very important!

  • PPC Campaign Management

    BBX 4U™ also uses Pay Per Click which is another way of getting your message out to the public which we’ll manage your ads 4U!

  • Email Marketing Newsletter

    Everybody has an email, so why not send an email right to your clients inbox letting them know about your specials and offers!

  • Video Marketing (HD)

    Video Marketing is an awesome and engaging way to send your message out to the public, because watching videos is fun and entertaining!

  • Website Updates & Management

    BBX 4U™ also offers weekly website updates as well as management of your website, keeping your files up to date is very important!

  • End of Month Analytic Report

    Every month we’ll send you a simple report that will show you how your business is performing as well as a conference call to go over your results!

  • BBX 4U™ Support

    BBX 4U™ offers customer Support for all of our marketing campaigns, because we understand the importance of communication!

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