“How to not be a Business Sally” Animated Explainer Video 2014

How to Not Be a Business Sally! Animated Explainer Video by BBX4U.com

Do you have an animated explainer video for your business? Did you know, you only have 8 seconds to grab your visitors attention before they leave your site. With that said.. Click play to watch our new animated explainer video “How to not be a Business Sally”

Animated Explainer Video Script

—-Video Script—-

This is Sally, Over the last few years, she has built a very successful business. Except she doesn’t have a website and she know’s if she wants to keep up with her competition she’s gonna have to get a website.

With the help of a FREE website builder she get’s to work right away. However, it’s not as easy as it looks and she spends the next few months working tirelessly to finally finish her website.

– But, Nobody ever finds her website. –

Meet Brad, over the last few years Brad has built a very successful business and Brad is well aware that he has to have a website to keep up with his competition.

Unlike Sally, Brad knew he could not do it all himself especially when it comes to technology. While Sally spent her searching how to get found online. Brad spent his time meeting with customers and building his business.

Because Brad got a high converting website as well as an effective marketing plan making him an online celebrity in his niche.

Unfortunately Sally was still searching how to get found online.

– Don’t Be A Sally! –

Get Better Business eXposure 4U and join the team that Brad did.

—-End Script—-

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