11 WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your Website! The Best Part is they’re Free!

11 WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your Website! | The best part is they're FREE!

When it comes to WordPress Plugins there is obviously thousands you can choose from. With this understanding, we’ve hand picked 11 WordPress Plugins you can activate right now to give your website wings, the best part is they’re all Free.

1. Akismet – Comment Spam isn’t cool that’s why Akismet works well because this simple to use plugin eliminates comment spam automatically. Which will boost your SEO and improve your rankings. Only thing you need to do is sign up for a FREE account from Akismet.com add their plugin to your site configure your settings and let it Conquer Comment Spam.
Akismet 11 Free WordPress Plugins That Will Give Your Website Wings!

2. All in One SEO Pack – Bottom line this plugin is crucial for SEO optimizing your website. All in One SEO Pack also submits your sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo improving your websites Search Engine Optimization.

All in One SEO Pack - 11 Free WordPress Plugins

3. w3 Total Cache – When it comes to improving website user experience, w3 Total Cache is a surefire way to increase server performance, reduce download times and boost page speed. You’ll notice at least a 10x improvement in your websites performance which will lead to improved conversions which affects your overall site rank.

w3 Total Cache - Top 11 WordPress Plugins for Free

4. Google XML Sitemaps – Here’s a plugin that makes it easier for search engines to efficiently crawl your website by creating an XML Sitemap you are showing the complete structure of your website to Google, Bing and Yahoo giving your website the best possible chance of getting indexed in the search engines.

Google XML Sitemaps - 11 Free WordPress Plugins That Will Give Your Website Wings

5. Google Analytics for WordPress – This plugin makes tracking your website a breeze giving you complete control of your analytics. All you have to do is setup a Google analytics account then select the site you wanna track and that’s it! It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Google Analytics for WordPress - 11 Free WordPress Plugins by BBX4U.com

6. SEO Friendly Images – Did you know you can maximize your SEO by adding post titles to your images on your website? With this understanding… SEO Friendly Images is a simple solution that automatically adds titles to your images therefore maximizing your SEO efforts.

11 Awesome and Free WordPress Plugins - SEO Friendly Images

7. WordPress Related Posts – Obviously you want to engage with your readers keeping them onsite reading your posts while decreasing your bounce rate. Additionally this plugin creates a related post list with thumbnails for increased SEO.

11 Effective WordPress Plugins that are FREE - WordPress Related Posts

8. ShareThis – Now here’s a plugin you must have on your website because it makes it easy to share your content with over 120 Social Channels. The Bottom line remains if there is no way to share your content no one will.

11 Sweet WordPress Plugins that are Free - ShareThis!

9. WP Smush.It – Is a WordPress Plugin that greatly reduces your image size giving you remarkable page speed and performance. Best part is once you activate it, it will automatically reduce every image you add to a post or page.

WP Smush.it - 11 Super Awesome WordPress Plugins that will give your Website Wings!

10. Disqus – Is a innovative plugin making commenting easy and interactive here’s more comments get indexed by search engines for effective social signals and optimization.

Disqus Comment System - 11 Absolutely Free WordPress Plugins!

11. WordPress Backup to Dropbox – The reality is if you’re going to have a website you MUST have a backup of your website. WordPress Backup to Dropbox makes is easy to backup both your files and your database as well as set a backup schedule that suits you. It’s easy to setup and few clicks later you’ll have a backup of your site!

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Now surely I could go on for days about all the WordPress Plugins available. Although this short list of plugins will increase the overall performance and optimization of your website getting your site indexed faster by the search engines.

With that said… What plugins do you like? Share with us below what your favorite plugins are. Plus make sure to share this article if you found it helpful, Have an excellent day!